Empower rural students, youth and women, to make full use of opportunities in education, employment and entrepreneurship, through professional guidance from Non-resident Villagers (NRVs). Raise standards of living in villages.

Goals & Coach

NRV observes that multiplied growth can be achieved at individual level and national level, if STUDENT is made to take GOAL at the early stage (may be at 6th class).
Professional guidance and support is needed to set and achieve goals by students.
NRVs holding professional expertise in various domains and technologies can take COACH role.
It wont be more than one hour per month time for NRV as a COACH, to review and guide a student.
We are asking students to post their goals here and any NRV can come forward to take coach role for one or two students.
This platform can also stand as bridge to share best practices in this area.

# Name of the student / Youth Studying / Qualification Immediate Goals Future Goals Name of Coach Coordinator